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Fiori DB X35
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Finished concrete output-3,5 m³ / cycle Performance per shift (8 h)-112 м³ Weight-6 300 кг Steering control-4WS Productivity-up to 100 m³ of concrete per shift DIESEL ENGINE-PERKINS Type-Turbo Cylinder displacement-4.400 cu. cm - 4 per line Injection-straight with mechanical control Cooling-water, dry air filter Max. torque-404 Nm at 1,400 rpm / min. Generator-12V - 65A HYDRAULIC EQUIPMENT SYSTEM-Gear pump Fiori DB X35 The Fiori DB X35 Concrete Mixer is the most compact and ergonomic front loading mixer in its category. Very small in size, it has impressive maneuverability and durability and provides a productivity of 3.5 m³ of concrete per cycle. The large cockpit glazing area and the special shape of the boot bucket ensure maximum inspection during concreting. With its ergonomics, ease of use, high daily productivity (which can reach up to 100 m³ of concrete per shift) and reliability, this highly productive self-loading concrete mixer is undoubtedly the most ideal for rental and repair work. DB X35 – OPERATING AND STEERING FEATURES Rear axle with controlled suspension wheels with independent suspension together with tires and a high-pressure hydrostatic transmission make it easy to operate and control the machine when moving from any ground. FIORI GROUP’s maneuverable and compact concrete mixers with all-wheel drive drive impress with their passability. Maneuverability, high mobility and maximum compactness of the mixer (guaranteed by installing the engine over the rear differential bridge) provide the DB X35 with impressive throughput that compensates for the lack of a drum rotation system. DB X35 – DOWNLOADING SYSTEM A stationary loading bucket with an automatic unloading hatch facilitates and optimizes material loading without wastage as components are introduced into the drum. A commercially available gripping bucket with a capacity of 680 liters provides high productivity, high metering accuracy of inert material and, above all, facilitates the loading of cement through the top hole. DB X35 CBV CBV features an exclusive precision dispensing system (built into the onboard computer that allows multiple recipes to be stored in memory with various components), instant monitoring and final concrete quality testing. This system guides the operator in the preparation of the intended mixture, providing a high degree of metering accuracy, homogeneity of the mixture and, accordingly, the strength of concrete. You can enter the percentage of humidity and automatically offset the amount of water supplied to the drum to maintain a constant ratio of water to cement. Printout of the special protocol confirms the characteristics of the concrete produced. DB X35 – High quality CONCRETE The special shape of the drum with two truncated cones, a double mixing screw and a convex bottom ensures optimum uniformity and quality of the material while reducing mixing time. The DB X35 comes standard with a digital electronic liter counter that allows you to connect and check the water supply to the drum directly from the cabin DB X35 – ERGONOMIC AND SECURITY Ensuring the safety of employees is a duty that cannot be neglected by any organization. Creating a design that is comfortable to operate in the car, working out the optimum ergonomics of the driver’s seat and equipping it with the latest safety devices is the pride of FIORI GROUP. Therefore, the DB X35 mixers are equipped with a closed booth with heating installed on the left side using a silent block, and ergonomic controls (multi-function lever) to the right of the operator. DB X35 – CONVENIENCE AND VIEW Rear-facing drum and slightly rotated position, large cockpit glazing area and a special shape of the load brackets provide maximum viewing. At the loading stage, but especially at the concreting stage, the DB X35 has better visibility than other front-loading self-loading mixers.Показати більше


Проспект Победы, 53 08600 Киев Киевская область Україна
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