Підсобна машина Krasowski KrasoSan Sanierungssystem DN600 - Польща

270 600 EUR
270 600 EUR


Тип машиниПідсобна машина
Марка / модельKrasowski KrasoSan Sanierungssystem DN600
Рік випуску2021
Додаткові опціїНовий
Mascus ID20A1299F


Вибір валюти
Ціна без врахування ПДВ7 921 311 UAH  (220 000 EUR)
ПДВ (23%)1 821 902 UAH
Ціна з врахуванням ПДВ9 743 213 UAH  (270 600 EUR)


Загальна оцінка (1-5)
Тип кузоваІнше
Рульове управлінняІнше
Додаткові інформаціїKrasoSan Sanierungssystem renovation systems

A device for the renovation of sewers with the method of a soaked flexible sleeve.
Infiltration room built inside a 20 ”sea container with a table for impregnating the sleeves.

1. Mixing: built in an insulated 20 "sea container
a) KrasoWalk600 soaking table.
b) Automatic mixer of KrasoMix resins with a capacity of approx. 20-30 1 / min.
c) Vacuum pump with a capacity of approx. 60 m3 / h.
d) Accessories (computer, air conditioning, conveyor and others)

2. Installation in a 20 "sea container of the KrasoDrum inversion drum for diameters up to DN600
and the KrasoTerm700 steam generator.

The device is new in 2 containers in Poznań
All information by phone or e-mail

KrasoSan® renovation systems in 2 container
All components are made of high quality aluminium and/or stainless steel
All devices are compatible with each other - no problem with connections!
All functions are monitores,controlles and recorded centrally on a PC
The systems adapts automatically to the given conditions
In error situations an automatic error analyses is performed by the system and the result is displayed on the control panel
Analyses of all data can be made by using our own brand KrasoTech® Software
The automatic recording guarantees you and your end customers an optimal proof of work and therefore great advantages in new customer acquisition and tenders
Ideal and cost-efficient all-in-one solution made upon your wishes
Jacek Sobieraj
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      Будь ласка, при контакті з продавцем посилайтеся на Mascus.
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