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Тип машини
Картоплезбиральні комбайни
Марка / модель
Dewulf Torro 2*75
Рік випуску
Mascus ID


Вибір валюти


Тип приводу
Додаткові інформації
HARVESTING UNIT Width of harvesting unit [mm] 1500 or 1650 Hydraulically driven harvesting unit o Inclino Master o APC (Automatic Pressure Control) o Syncro Flow o DPC (Dewulf Position Control) o DAS (Dewulf Automatic Steering) o SIEVING CHAINS Length of sieving web 1 [mm] 3200 Length of sieving web 2 [mm] 2400 HAULM SEPARATION Haulm conveyor with 4 haulm springs sets • Haulm conveyor with 6 haulm spring sets o CLEANING Mechanical agitator in the digger web • Electrical inclination adjustment of the hedgehog units o Hedgehog unit 1 with 3 deflecting rollers • Electrical height adjustment of the deflecting rollers o Hedgehog unit 2 with 2 deflecting rollers • Electrical height adjustment of the deflecting rollers o Hedgehog unit 2 with deflecting belt o Electrical height adjustment of the deflecting belt o TECHNICAL DATA • standard o optional Moorseelsesteenweg 20 8800 Roeselare Models, versions, technical specifications, illustrations and other information in this brochure are always subject to change. Dewulf reserves the right to make changes to models, versions, technical specifications or other information at any time and without prior notice, and is under no obligation to make any such changes to previously purchased equipment. SORTING PLATFORM Waste conveyor next to discharge conveyor [mm] o Sorting unit o Keypad • Waste bunker type 1: 700 kg, discharge at the bottom o Waste bunker type 2: 550 kg, discharge to the left o BUNKER Capacity [tonnes] 5,5 Capacity with loading optimization [tonnes] 6 Loading chute, mechanical o Loading chute, hydraulic o Loading chute with PVC fall breaking strips o Big Bag filler o Unloading on the move o Tractor Required power [hp] 100 PTO drive shaft [rpm] 540 DIMENSIONS Total length [mm] 12 210 Total width [mm] 3370 Total height [mm] 3620 Weight from [kg] 9800Показати більше


Проспект Победы, 53 08600 Киев Киевская область Україна
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